About Me

About Me:

Around the time I was nine or ten years old, my family started to take vacations together once a year.  Sometimes we went on big trips to places like Israel, London or Hawaii.  Other times, my parents kept it simple and took me (and sometimes my older sister) to closer locales such as Disney World or Colonial Williamsburg and Washington D.C.  The one thing that was always consistent about all of our trips was that they were planned by my Father down to the smallest detail, and it’s still how he plans trips for himself and my Mother today.  My parents are really not lay-around-on-the-beach people.  Sure, we might have done that for part of a day, but it was always wedged in between other activities so we could make the most of our time in any given place.  Their thought has always been, “well, we might never have an opportunity to come back!”

This “uber planning” style had a profound effect on me, and when I began traveling as an adult I realized that I also had a passion for planning trips.  Granted, I personally enjoy a few hours of free, unplanned time in every day, but the spirit of the itineraries that I create is the same as my Father’s.  My goal is simple: to help you plan an amazing trip that you will remember for a lifetime, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway close to home or a two week jaunt halfway around the world.  Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to start when tackling a city, or multiple cities, that you don’t know much about.  Or, maybe you just don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do, much less plan the minute details of a vacation.

I encourage you to click over to the Sample Itineraries page where you can see three real trips that I planned for myself and my husband.  You’ll see some typical tourist things mixed in with off-the-beaten-path experiences.  If you like what you see, fill out the short form on the Where Do You Want To Go? page and I’ll take it from there!

– Susan C.
Founder, Global Itineraries


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